Welcome to Seven Thunders Online.

We are an organization formed to support growth towards a deepening spiritual awareness and appreciation of life. Each of us has a unique path and we benefit from teachers and companions along the Way.  We offer multi-day contemplative retreats and zen sesshins throughout the year, and have weekly meditation opportunities.   In addition to this website, we electronically publish a newsletter three times a year and we maintain a list serve to keep members informed of Seven Thunders developments.
Ongoing Sittings in the Portland Area
See Sitting page for details
- Zazen at Stones and Clouds zendo, Monday Evenings, 7:00 pm
- Next "First Saturday Sitting" at the Trappist Abbey is August 2nd
- Other sittings in Corvallis, Olympia, Port Angeles and Redmond - see Sitting Page
Zazenkai at Stones and Clouds
The next Zazenkai will be Saturday, September 20, 9am - 3:30 pm,
See Sitting page for details.
Zen Sesshin and Contemplative Intensive Retreats Offered
- October 13-17, Zen Sesshin, McKenzie Bridge
- October 18-19, CIR iin Bend
 -See Retreats Page for more information

from one moment ... to this one

in one moment it’s not an easy path
& one moment the path couldn’t be easier
& one moment the path is both easy & not easy
& one moment the path is neither easy nor not easy

all true … simultaneously together and at the same time

been so, since the beginning of time … just this moment

In The Way

baseball monk nut
always in the way
frustrating concepts
in every way imaginable

a birthday party invite
reveals more true friends than allowed for monks
even poison oak likes him

how could this be?

ever emitting beautiful light
on shattered dreams
& other mixed blessings

so fortunate to cross paths
with this steadfast, faithful, breathing soul

so glad for him always being in the way
in all ways

Loves Endless Blessings

I know you by the way you greet the rain.

Greeting the Rain

Warmer. Rain in the night. Frogs again. At first the waterhole—(four feet long at most) had one frog or two. Now they are a small nation, loud in the night. The innocent nation, chanting blissfully in praise of the spring rain.
                               T. Merton


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